Not Alone

Death, like birth, is a process. It is a journey that is best not walked alone. At North 78 Pet Hospital, we are here for you and your pet as you all are going through this transition from life. Schedule an appointment for a consultation on what is the next best for you and your loved one.

Quality of life

One of the hardest, but most important responsibilities of pet ownership is to know when your dog might be nearing the end of his life. It is never easy to make the decision to help our pet transition peacefully.

You are probably asking yourself how to assess your pet’s quality of life, and how much he/ she still enjoys their days. Schedule a consultation to sit down and discuss your questions and concerns regarding your pet.

Comfort levels

We understand that it can be hard to assess when your pet is uncomfortable or in pain. Here is a pain scale to rate your pet’s pain before a visit.


Pain management

Your pet may need daily pain medication to help manage his/ her discomfort. When we get old our bodies may have more aches and pains than before. Call your veterinarian to get more information on managing their comfort. +

Euthanasia process

The euthanasia conversation is never easy to have from both ends so here is a insight of what to expect:

A small area of fur is shaved from one of the legs and intravenous (IV) catheter placed securely with tape. Once the catheter is set, we will administer a mixture of drugs to your pet, this helps to relax and sedate your pet so that they are more comfortable and not anxious or nervous. These drugs can take between 1-3 minutes to set in. Some pets require additional medication; just like humans, every pet metabolizes drugs differently and at different rates. After your pet is as comfortable as possible, and you and our family are ready. Our veterinarian will come in to administer a concentrated anesthetic that causes the brain to shut down completely and the bodily functions to cease in a short period of time. Usually it takes only 1-2 minutes after the last injection for all heartbeats and breathing to stop. The transition from sedation to death is as peaceful and pain free as possible. You can hold or talk to your pet during the entire procedure and we’ll work around you. +

Afterlife services

As a pet owner, you have the special responsibility of making aftercare choices on your pet’s behalf but we are here to help! Working together with Toothacres, we will gently guide you through the process of making cremation arrangements that are fitting for you and your pet.



Deciding when your pet may need Euthanasia is a very personal and private decision, but that doesn’t mean you have to make this difficult choice on your own. At North 78 Pet Hospital, we are here to provide compassionate end-of-life services for your pet .Our animal hospital has designated euthanasia room with a separate entrance and exit  allowing you and your pet privacy and respect for this difficult time. Our team understands that the grieving process varies from family to family and we will do our best to support you during this unfortunate time. Please contact us, to learn more about our euthanasia services.